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Heating and cooling systems are the most costly home appliances in terms of energy consumption all over the world. Moreover, these devices have a direct effect on the comfort of the residents at a smart home. This is highly important due to having a smart control and the optimum consumption. Using smart thermostats, Smart Myer can optimize the energy consumption using control logics or timing schedule. Remote control of the device using your cellphone application let you to control heating/cooling systems while you are out of your smart home. For instance, you can turn on the heating/cooling systems a few minutes before getting home to have good temperature at home. This product has three remote fan relay output up to three amps. Moreover, the relay output of the electric faucet or pump, which will be on when each of fan control relays are one, helps the device to be good for controlling various cooling or heating system. Summer and winter mode setting and wide thermal range are among the other advantages of this product.




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