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The Intelligent Master is the processing brain, which your smart home needs in order to control all home appliances and connect them by smart logics to live a safe, convenient and energy efficient life. Given to possibility to store and play the signals of various remote controls without limitation from the RF and IR master controllers. The user can put the device next to the audiovisual systems to play the signals for all the devices without need for extra costs. New series of Intelligent Master are marketed with stronger processors and open communication network range with a finer design in black and silver. This product has an internal Wi-Fi network to wirelessly the net and it also has LAN and WAN ports for cable connection. The internal operating system can be automatically supported and updated through internet connection. The intelligent master has Android and iOS apps. Given the specific coding, all the connections are safe and since the system has an Admin, the access level can be defined for all other users. The controller has a digital temperature and humidity sensor, so that the user can check the temperature and humidity level inside the app at any time and use it to create control logics. The user can define the scheduling plans and various scenarios in unlimited numbers and all the software and app options are license free. The new model of intelligent master enables you to control lighting, heating, cooling, audiovisual, electric curtains, smart irrigation and other system. You can also introduce various wireless sensors of other brands as the input to the device. Free communication system of the device is based on Cloud, where the user would not need complex setting of the network for remote connection. The connection is secured and encrypted using the network security standard protocols, which is now used for internet banking. You can simultaneously connect to any number of devices using one application and at the same time manage various smart homes.




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