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The selling policy of the company is to create the sale and after-sale services network in various countries. Choosing the strongest teams in various regions, the company tends to outsource the A to Z of the design process, sales engineering, monitoring, installation and running of all its products to its representatives.

The products of Smart Myer have a modular and wireless design and do not need a complex infrastructure. Moreover, the installer does not need to have any technical knowledge or even programming. All the products are provided with a tutorial video on installation, by which the representatives learn how to install the system. In case of any problem or difficulty, you can call the after-sale service unit on phone or through chatting.

The company has some supporting plans for its representatives. These supports are provided in form of sending the design and exhibition panels, catalogues and brochures to the smart home exhibitions hold at the representatives’ country, or introducing the representative on the company’s website and announcing their projects on social networks. Those representative who decide to hold showrooms for their products, will be supported by special services. The company holds yearly training courses for the representatives to learn about the products and update their information. All end-user customers who contact the company are referred to the local delegates so that they contact the person / company concerned, receive the necessary information and provide the business preliminaries.

The representative can use the sales team support to design a customer-specific invoice based on their demands, the options required and the intended budget.

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