SmartMyer Home


Smart Myer system for smart homes has the capacity to save and play various codes for IR and RF remote controls. That is, you can save unlimited number of remote controls and their buttons on your application without any need to purchase extra hardware for a space with a controlling module, and use it anytime anywhere. The common home appliances such as television, setup box, various audio systems or heating/cooling systems share the same space; all can be controlled together due to the presence of strong 360-degree players. Slave is a controlling module, which can be placed everywhere in your home since it is small, portable and has a removable battery. Furthermore, slave can extend it communication network for big or multistore projects. It has a digital temperature and humidity sensor, which lets you to observe the temperature and humidity of the room and use control logics. For instance, through some simple setting, the user can write scenarios so that by just pressing a button, the lights will be off for watching movie, television will be on and other orders are automatically sent to the audiovisual systems.




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