SmartMyer Home

Touch Panel 7"

For a luxurious appearance and higher efficiency, the Smart Myer touch panels are designed in a way that they can be mounted on the wall and provide many facilities. You can install this touch panel to control all parts of you home through quick access. This device has an internal HiFi audio system to meet your need for a home audio system. It has an aux input/output (IO) and good internal amplifier to connect four speakers. Given the HDMI output, you can control and observe all parts of your home using a Smart Myer touch panel. This product can connect to the net through an RJ45 net cable or Wi-Fi, wirelessly. You can install radio or television apps on touch panel and use them without need to pay extra cost. The e-share can help you to play the audio files on your cellphone through the touch panel speakers and play the internal video files on your cellphone on its LCD screen or on TV by HDMI cable connection. You can use the internal memory of the device to save audio and video files. You can also set the Touch Panel to a digital photo frame at ideal time to review your memories. In case of need for more memory capacity, the device has Micro SD external memory card and a USB port to connect the memory and other devices with USB ports. For more convenience, the device has Bluetooth.




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