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The necessity to manipulate the mechanical valves of the smart home is not limited to the automatic irrigation system. In some houses, there is a high risk of gas leakage and fire due to various heating systems or gas stoves. The smart home system can prevent any possible disaster by manipulating the main gas valve and receiving the signals of gas leakage sensors. As it is known, fire is composed of three main ingredients, lack of one of which leads to stop the fire. These three elements are oxygen, heat and fuel. In case of gas leakage, the smart home system removes the third ingredients, the fuel, and prevent fire or any explosion due to gas accumulation. This type of prevention is more cost-effective than putting the fire off using sprinkler system. This product can also be used in case of water leakage or water pipe bursting by water leakage detection sensors. Due to creative design of the product, there is no need to change the building piping system for its installation. You should just install it on the mechanical valve of the home and control it through cellphone app, even when you are traveling.




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