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Does the touch switch need data wire?

No, this product simply replaces the traditional switches and the data exchange with the fully central wireless system.

Does the touch switches frequency interfere with other systems?

No, each product has an independent operating frequency and the two-way communication between. The Modbus industrial communication protocol causes the communication error to go down to zero.

Is the touch switches frequency continuously spreading or harming your health?

This product only sends information when it needs it, its power and frequency is very low, compared to wireless phones in terms of frequency one fifth and in terms of signal strength is one quarter.

Do you touch the switches with wet hands cause electric shock?

No, touch switches are isolated in two stages of urban electricity. The first stage is electrical isolation and the second stage isolation created by the crystal frame. This makes the touch switches even the traditional switches more secure.

What is the infrastructure needed to install touch switches?

The touch switches can be physically installed in cans of 7 * 7 * 5 European standards and need to connect phase and null wires to feed them. The power feeds of the lamps are directly connected to the switch and receive the switch from the central controller wirelessly. So there is no need for any additional wiring, and the switch on the traditional wiring can be installed.

Is programming language knowledge need for installing the touch switches?

No, all Smart Myer products are completely User Friendly, and anyone can install and operate the Manual by reading the Manual and following the safety precautions.

What needs to be considered if a consumer needs to be connected with high wattage consumption, such as large chandeliers?

The internal relay output of this product is limited and suitable for ordinary and common consumers in residential homes. If the need for controlling high power consumers is required, the internal relay of the touch switch should be strengthened by a stronger relay.

What country and at what voltage can the touch switch work?

In different countries, there are four electricity supply standards
100-127V / 50Hz
220-240V / 60Hz
220-240V / 50Hz
100-127V / 60Hz
Due to the great openness in the input supply of this product, you can use this product anywhere, without having to change the voltage.

What is the maximum spacing of the switches from the central controller?

The distance concept in communication systems depends on a lot of parameters. The work environment, barriers (thickness, material, number), angle of the antenna, and many other parameters of this kind. To ensure a reliable estimate of the correctness of the system, the distance of 30 meters from the central controller with regard to residential environments with thick walls is in the worst reliable numerical conditions for the estimation of this concept. In tests conducted in urban open spaces, this number is even greater than 100 meters, but it is advisable to put the central controller in a central of the project, which is the same distance to all equipment. For more accurate estimation and upgrading of your skills, you can use the information resources related to computer networks and star topology.

How many users can connect to the same system at the same time?

There is no limit on the number of users in the Smart Myer system. Only the system administrator can limit this number depending on their own and the security issues.

How many remote controls or code can be copied to the system?

The number of remote and code is also not limited, and the user can add any number of codes and remote controller to the system for free.

What are the free system options?

Given the unlimited number of copied code on the system, the user can add all the remote control of the home for free and add them to the system both inside and outside the house, for example, an electric curtain with radio control unnecessarily The hardware interface is copied to the system and the user can control it easily and free of charge on their mobile device, or add infrared remote control for Audio and video systems and remote control thermostats free of charge on the mobile application keys.

Are all infrared and radio remote controllers available on the system?

In the Smart Myer system, all standard infrared remote controller can be copied onto the system, but radio remoter controller that include a wide range of distances should be checked for the frequency and modulation used in the remote control, with the code being constantly updated. Changes like rolling code or hopping code are not copied to the system for this reason.

Are all Smart Myer products wireless?

No, touch panel and valve to cut off water and gas require special wiring at the time of construction.

What infrastructure do I need to install a touch panel when making an apartment?

Touch panels require their own special canister to install on the wall, and they feed on the power of the city in terms of wiring the touch panels. Also, due to the internal amplifier, the bandwidth (4 bands 30 watts 8 ohms) is pulled straight to the touch panel. This product has an HDMI output that allows the user to control the home from the TV. Touch panels also have Preamp inputs and outputs. These outputs/inputs are used to send and receive analogue stereo or AUX audio signals. Also touch panels have a doorbell input that builds up, two wires from ringtones to touch panels, until the doorbell, the music is cut off and the melody and volume desired to ring from the bands.

Can any music be played wirelessly from the touch panel?

Yes, touch panels have an E-Share system, just their Wi-Fi network is one that can be identified in the program.

Is E-share transfer only audio?

No, the E-share communication protocol can transfer images and video, and can be transferred via HDMI.

Can I use the touch panel as an Internet radio or Internet TV?

Yes, the touch panel has an Android operating system, and any app on that operating system can be installed on it. This app can be a radio or Internet TV application.

Do touch panels have internal storage to store music?

Yes, Touch Panels have 8GB available internal storage for the user, which can be expanded by adding up to 128 GB of SD cards. You can also connect more external USB ports with OTG connectivity.

Is it possible to connect to the network via Wi-Fi in the central controller product?

Yes, when installing, just connect once to the device through the cable and connect the Wi-Fi network to connect to the Wi-Fi modem. Then the device automatically connects to the modem without the need for a network cable.

What frequencies support the central controller?

The central controller supports frequencies of 315MHz and 433MHz. These frequency bands have a wide range of subscriber frequencies, which means that the various remote controls of the 433.92 range can be added to the system.

A separate fee is required to add a security system to the Smart Myer system?

No, the user can only use the same central controller with sensors.

Should the user pay a charge every year to control the Internet?

No, Smart Myer offers high-quality on a continental basis, and does not need to be charged annually.

Does the security system notify the user through the Internet at the time of danger?

Yes, the alarm system will notify the user with the details of the date and time and the name of the sensor. If the software is installed. The system can distribute the siren sound at the time of danger, even outdoors.

Are scenarios, control logics and schedule limited in number?

No, the user can define and add to the system any number of scenarios, control logics and scheduling that they need.

Can the user access the system again when the software is cleared?

Yes, all user information on its account is stored on the company server. This information is cached and recovered.

Can other people have access to their home with mobile phones?

No, in the Software Setting section, you can enter the password to enter the software, so you can only log in to enter it.

Does the neighbor with the same system have access to our home and equipment?

No, in any case, all equipment works directly with their own central controller system and for communication even reserves its own dedicated band. Likewise, devices have their own communication protocol and have their own ID.

When will the Slave product be used?

This product has three main uses: the internal temperature and humidity sensor, the converter receives information from the radio frequency master and converts it into an infrared signal, amplifies the radio signal. The slave is used to control equipment at various home spaces, such as bedrooms, etc., to create controller commands to devices such as thermostats, air conditioners, or audio / video systems within that space.

Is it necessary to put the control module in front of it to control IR devices?

Yes, but in some cases, because the reflection of the reflected light of the equipment is so strong that the receiver recognizes it, you can place the control module wherever you want and test it.

What is the internal battery of Slave and how long should it be replaced?

The Slave powers up to three AA batteries, depending on the type of battery used, and the Slave's performance will vary depending on the battery life, but it usually does not need to be replaced for two years.

What kind of battery is the scene switch and when does it need to be replaced?

The scene switch works with the CR-2032 battery and usually does not need to be replaced for up to two years. In software, you can check out the battery life.

What is the use of the scene switch?

The scene switch is for scenario implementation and quick access to this issue. Usually, in projects near the entrance door, implementing scenarios for entering and leaving or near the bed is used to run sleeping or awakening scenarios.

Is there only 4 scenarios for linking in the 4 way scene switch?

No, the scene switch for implementing the scenario can be used in logic controllers. In such a way that the switch can be combined with other conditions such as time interval, day or night, switch on or off another key, ambient temperature and humidity, motion sensor, door magnet, or other devices. For example, a scenario running after a key in the morning scenario, a wake-up scenario, and at night, can run the sleep scenario.

Does the scene switch need wiring or a special can of the wall?

No, the scene switch uses the battery and does not require a can of inside the wall due to its low thickness.

How many outputs are there in smart thermostats and what type?

In the Smart Myer thermostat, the outputs are relayed, with three outputs for adjusting the fan speed (at the same time, only one is activated). There is also an output for the electric valve (with each relay on, this output is also turned on).

What is the right canister to install the thermostat on the wall?

For the thermostat, the same 7 * 7 * 5 cans that can be used for touch switches can be used.

Can you see the ambient temperature in the thermostat remotely?

Yes, the thermostat has a built-in temperature sensor and the connection to the central system is two-way.

Is the mobile phone out of the home receiving a message from the video door phone gateway?

Yes, this requires both the home and the mobile to connect to the Internet.

Can the video door phone gateway be connected wirelessly to the Internet?

Yes, this product has an internal Wi-Fi module.

Can the current status of the motion sensor be monitored on the phone?

Yes, the motion sensor sends its correct position at any time to the central controller, even with its battery level visible on the phone.

What battery does the motion sensor use?

This product uses three AAA batteries. That the user can check the battery level in their mobile app.

Can I check the current status of the Magnet sensor?

Yes, the magnet sensor has two-way communication with the central controller, and the open and closed position of the sensor and its internal battery capacity are visible.

What kind of battery does the magnet sensor use?

This product uses the CR-2450 battery and the user can check the battery level inside the software.

Does Flasher Alarm Use Only in the Security System?

No, this product can be used as a doorbell or a call ringer.

On what size of valve, smart valve can be installed?

This product can be installed on 1/2 "and 3/4" inches.

How is the smart outlet communication way?

This product is connected via Wi-Fi.